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Nissan and Standaard Caravan

The towing capability for the Nissan Qashqai - 2.0 dCi
with a Standaard Caravan :

Performance on leveled roads
Top speed
Acceleration and take over
Towing ability
Performance in mountainous regions
Drive off uphill
Driving on motorway slopes
Driving on steep roads


1400 kg 1520 kg
75 kg

Nissan Qashqai - 2.0 dCi (110 kW/148 bhp)
Date of manufacture: april 2007 - january 2014. Towball limit: - kg (Advise: 75 kg)

Important for safe towing is the weight ratio between Car and Caravan. The weight ratio (loaded caravan / kerbweight tow car) for the Nissan and Standaard Caravan is 92%. This means that the caravan is rather heavy for this car. The stability and safety index is satisfactory for this outfit.

The towing performances of this Nissan with your Standaard Caravan are perfect (performance index = 68).
You may expect excellent performances from this outfit. On flat roads it's easy to come along, top gear is applicable in most cases.

On motorway inclines you will be able not only to come along, but be the first at the top. On steep roads you have more than sufficient power to keep going. On hill starts there will be more than enough power to get going, provided the wheels have traction.

More in detail

Possible top speeds

Possible top speed in windless conditions and head wind force 3
Top speed in 3rd gear is 60 mph and in head wind it will be 60 mph.
Top speed in 4th gear is 81 mph and in head wind it will be 78 mph.
Top speed in 5th gear is 86 mph and in head wind it will be 78 mph.
Top speed in 6th gear is 78 mph and in headwind it will be 68 mph.

Top speed or speed at 3200 rpm (= 80% of max. power revolution)
Speed in 1st gear is 16 mph and in head wind (force 3) it will be 16 mph.
Speed in 2nd gear is 29 mph and in head wind (force 3) it will be 29 mph.
Speed in 3rd gear is 44 mph and in head wind (force 3) it will be 44 mph.
Speed in 4th gear is 62 mph and in head wind (force 3) it will be 62 mph.
Speed in 5th gear is 81 mph and in head wind (force 3) it will be 78 mph.
Speed in 6th gear is 78 mph and in head wind (force 3) it will be 68 mph.

Acceleration and take over

0 - 50 mph with caravan in 11.9 sec. (solo: 6.7 sec.)
0 - 62 mph with caravan in 19.9 sec. (solo: 10.1 sec.)
0 - 75 mph with caravan in 32.2 sec. (solo: 13.8 sec.)

Acceleration 44 - 56 mph flexibility
As fast as possible (through the gears) 5.1 sec.
In 3rd gear 5.1 sec. Tractive power (pick-up) is very good.
In 4th gear 6.9 sec. Tractive power (pick-up) is good.
In 5th gear 11.5 sec. Tractive power (pick-up) is satisfactory.

Usability 6th gear at 50 mph

Power at 50 mph in 6th gear (1620 rpm) 58 kW
Power needed to drive 50 mph 35 kW
Acceleration 50-56 mph in 6th gear 11.5 sec
Maximum head wind in 6th gear at 50 mph head wind force 5 (39 km/h)
Maximum gradient in the 6th gear at 50 mph 2%

Minimum speed - at maximal torque - at 3200 rev - at max rev
in the 1st gear 9 mph - 10 mph - 16 mph - 22 mph
in the 2nd gear 17 mph - 18 mph - 29 mph - 39 mph
in the 3th gear 25 mph - 28 mph - 44 mph - 61 mph
in the 4th gear 35 mph - 39 mph - 62 mph - 85 mph
in the 5th gear 47 mph - 50 mph - 81 mph - 111 mph
in the 6th gear 57 mph - 62 mph - 98 mph - 135 mph

Driving on motorway slopes

Top speed on a gradient of 5% (1 to 20)
In the 1st gear: 21 mph at 4307 rpm and 16 mph at 3200 rpm
In the 2nd gear: 39 mph at 4305 rpm and 29 mph at 3200 rpm
In the 3th gear: 60 mph at 4313 rpm and 44 mph at 3200 rpm
In the 4th gear: 68 mph at 3540 rpm and 62 mph at 3200 rpm
The 5th gear isn't applicable at a gradient of 5% (1 to 20).

Drive off uphill

Elevation Drive off uphill in the first gear
0 m. 23.1%
500 m. 22.7%
1000 m. 22.3%
1500 m. 21.8%
2000 m. 21.4%
2500 m. 20.9%

Driving on steep roads

Top speed on a gradient of 12% (1 to 8)
1st gear 21 mph
2nd gear 39 mph
3rd gear 46 mph
4th gear isn't applicable
5th gearisn't applicable

Elevation Drive at 12 mph
in 1st gear
Drive at 25 mph
in 2nd gear
0 m 45.1% 23.5%
500 m 44.4% 23.2%
1000 m 43.7% 22.8%
1500 m 43% 22.5%
2000 m 42.4% 22.1%
2500 m 41.7% 21.8%

Check data

Car make and modelNissan Qashqai - 2.0 dCi
Year of issueapril 2007 - january 2014
Power148 bhp (110 kW) at 4000 rpm
Torque236 lb/ft (320 Nm) at (or from) 2000 rpm
Kerbweight (may differ in the UK)1520 kg and 'ballasted' with 250 kg
Tyres215 / 65 R 16
TransmissionManual (or automatic without torque converter)
6 speed
CaravanStandaard Caravan
Actual laden caravan weight1400 kg (car towing limit is 1400 kg)
The airflow is: average (height = 2.55 m and width = 2.25 m)
Gross Train weight (car+caravan)3170 kg

User Reviews

The Nissan towing a Lunar Chateau 470 (1180) kg reviewed by Graham:
= 68% = 109 km/u = 24%
After towing with a petrol Honda v-tec, The Qashqai felt like it had about 300 BHP! This car is absoluety brilliant at towing, very stable and plenty of power from the 2.0 Dci.

The Nissan towing a Coachman Amara 380/2 (1205) kg reviewed by Tony Woodward:
= 66% = 109 km/u = 23%
Having towed a Bailey Discovery with the Qashqai with excellent results I was wondering how it would perform with the heavier Amara on the hook. Again the performance is excellent, there is plenty of power for overtaking, the suspension was more than capable of dealing with the additional nosewight. What more can I say, an excellent towcar, I would recommend it to a friend

The Nissan towing a Bailey Olympus 462 (1263) kg reviewed by P Hubbard:
= 72% = 109 km/u = 23%
Car pulls and handles the caravan very well, but will have a problem getting the nose weight to 75kgs.
I contacted Bailey and they advised me to load the caravan behind the axle to achieve the correct nose weight.
Not recommended, so I carry most of my gear in the car.
Bailey need to do their sums on where the hitch is in relation to the axle.

The Nissan towing a Sterling Eccles Amber (1291) kg reviewed by Les:
= 75% = 109 km/u = 23%
I bought the caravan and towed it back from twenty miles away, the match comes out at 82% which I'm pleased with, the Quashqai seems to have plenty of power and torque compared to my previous Mondeo and before that Primera

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